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Late 2019. A human in China becomes infected with SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus that causes COVID 19 and the world changed forever. Life as we know it, might never be the same. Fast forward to the Spring of 2020 and the United States went into lockdown. With the vast majority of (small) businesses closed, many businesses faced financial difficulties, whereas others unscrupulously and in various ways started profiting from supply shortages for personal financial gain.

A group of small business owners feeling the mounting pressure of declining business put their heads together and came up with a diversification plan to save their businesses while serving the community by fulfilling a dire need, without disproportionally profiting from the community’s needs. The nation was scoured, countless hours of research followed before selecting the perfect manufacturing partner to produce a safe, reliable, green and appropriately priced disinfectant. Fast forward again, this time to April 2020, Virus Shield was launched with the goal to distribute the highest possible quality product at a fair price to the consumer.

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